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Wholesale Birds

Our ringneck pheasants are raised with the intention of releasing them in good hunting cover. They are placed into outside flight pens at 6 weeks of age with either planted or natural cover to imitate natural surroundings they would find in the wild. In these large pens they are given plenty of space per bird and a high quality grower feed to assure excellent feathering and flight ability.

Many propagators debeak their birds. Our birds are never debeaked and, therefore, have natural beaks. This is another benefit when releasing birds into the wild either for hunting or stocking areas. With full beaks, they will be able to survive much better than debeaked birds.

By having automated feeding systems, we save labor and minimize human contact to insure a wild and flighty bird after release. We handle our birds only twice from day-old to maturity, once to speck them and again when they are crated for delivery. With our network of alleyways our birds are driven, instead of handled, when they are moved. We have a drying shed where birds are moved prior to delivery to insure crating dry birds under any weather condition.

My wife and I started small and have expanded every year because we raise top quality wholesale birds. We currently produce 80,000 pheasants annually and realize that quality, service, and dependability are our keys to success.

Birdpen showing automated feeding system     Birdpen showing feeding system and alleyways
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Wholesale Birds 2016 Price List

Age Half/Half Cocks Hens
6 weeks $ 5.20 $ 5.95 $ 4.75
8 weeks $ 5.95 $ 6.70 $ 5.45
Mature * $ 9.85 $ 10.70 $ 9.20

* On Mature birds, add 2 per bird/per day after November 1st

Above prices do not include shipping and handling

All prices are in US dollars

When booking an order, a deposit will be required

For large orders on started birds, call for discount prices

Truck delivery is available at a cost of 70 per mile/round trip

We also supply dressed and smoked pheasants available for pick-up at the farm